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Teagan (Am CockerSpaniel)

Roxie (Am CockerSpaniel)

Gabby (Am CockerSpaniel)

Ebony (Am CockerSpaniel)

Cinder (Am CockerSpaniel)

Whitley (Am CockerSpaniel)

Mystique (Am CockerSpaniel)

Josie (Am CockerSpaniel)

Jorja (Am CockerSpaniel)



Jada ( Cockapoo)

Marley (Am CockerSpaniel) 

Reigna (Am CockerSpaniel)


(Am CockerSpaniel)

Nala (Cockapoo)

Piper (Am Cocker Spaniel)

Gemma (Am Cocker Spaniel)

Karli (Miniature Poodle)

Ruby (Springer Spaniel)

We also have one Springer that we have bred for Springerdoodles.

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